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Chamber Choir

2017 Fieldtrip Forms
* all members must fill out this google form- please carefully check your family calendar ahead of time
* fieldtrip and alternate forms to sign are below- can be printed and turned in or emailed to Mrs BK

Alternate FROM Madrigal Event Form- optional but due by 11/27

Alternate TO Madrigal Event Form- case by case only, due by 11/27

Auditions Information:

 Any student enrolled in choir (or a music department performance-based class) is eligible to audition.
Auditions consist of two parts:

1.  Prepared selection-  you will sing a both verses of a folk song provided by Mrs BK.  You may use music at the audition.  Please print out a copy of the music or pick it up in or outside the choir room doors.  You will sing with the accompaniment only track at the audition but should use both the track with the vocal part and the track with just accompaniment to practice.

You will be scored based on pitch and rhythm accuracy, tone quality, and musicality.

** PDFs and MP3s are located on the "Audition Information" tab in the Choir drop down menu

2.  Sight-reading-  you will sight-read 4-6 measures

You will be given a sight-reading example that is 4-6 measures in length.  You will hear the tonality and the starting pitch.
You will have approximately 45 seconds to look over it and may hum, tap, or clap through it.  
You will hear the tonality and starting pitch again and will then perform the sight-reading.  
You may use solfege or a neutral syllable.

Sight-reading practice is HIGHLY recommended.  Use or google the following phrases:
"vocal sight-reading"
"choral sight-reading or sight-singing"
"sight-reading for singers"
"sight-reading pdfs"

You will be scored based on correct pitches and rhythms and may receive partial credit.