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ILMEA Audition Information

2018 ILMEA Senior Chorus Auditions

These auditions are open to students in Chamber Choir 
*To register for ILMEA, go to the honors credit page and fill out the ILMEA audition application.  Registration is due by Monday, August 20th at 11:59:59pm

For information directly from the ILMEA website, click here

Practice Tracks

Click on the link below to access practice tracks to all District and State selections in all voice parts as well as scales and triads:

ILMEA Practice Tracks


Links below are for sight-reading practice.  You can also google "sight singing examples, sight singing pdfs, sight reading for singers, etc" and you'll find a ton of examples.

When?        Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Where?      Carl Sandburg H.S.  4:30-9:30pm


Audition Process:

1.      Prepared Selections (you will be given the state excerpt a week before and the district excerpt the day of auditions)

a.       One State piece

                                                              i.      Sing excerpt a cappella given starting note

b.      One District piece

                                                              i.      Sing excerpt a cappella given starting note

** Focus on singing as musically as possible and with full, rich tone quality


2.      Scales/Triads

a.       Scales-Major, natural minor, & harmonic or melodic minor

                                                              i.      Up and down one octave.  S/T Key of F, A/B Key of D (d and bb for minor keys)

b.      Triads-  major and minor, then diminished or augmented

                                                              i.      Sung Up AND Down, same starting notes as above


3.      Sight Reading

a.        ONE 4 measure excerpts sung a cappella given starting note/chord


*** You may hum/sing out loud as you practice.  ½ of the points for rhythm and ½ for pitches.  ***



Once accepted, you will be required to attend one or both of the following event(s):


* District 1 Festival-  Saturday, November 17, 2018 at OPRF

* All-State Festival-  January 24-26, 2019 in Peoria, IL